I thank God for healing and strengthening me, after taking me through so much. God allowed me to depend and believe him more. I thank the church as a body, I thank Pastor Sola and Pastor Grace for their love and help. To God be the glory for all I have gone through in my life. I am a living testimony of God’s goodness.

Abayomi B.
2nd October 2016

Glory be to God for journey mercies to and from Belfast Northern Ireland. I thank God for safe delivery of my granddaughter. Bless the Lord.

Lola O.
2nd October 2016

I thank the Lord for success in my MED study at Cambridge University. In June this year, I also passed my registration viva report to progress to PhD. I also successfully obtained some scholarship towards my tuition fee.

In December last year I received some amount of money from an organisation which was enough to meet my financial needs for the moment. This was so important because I was not able to work as I would have loved because of my study.

In April this year, HMRC returned some money to me which was also another surprise especially because I was really in need to make payment to Cambridge university. I give God all the Glory.

Taiwo O.
2nd October 2016

We thank God for a successful men’s retreat; we thank God for provision. We also thank God for the men’s 7 days prayer and fasting.


Obinna A.
2nd October 2016

I want to thank God for the grace upon the house which has been a shield and blessing over my life and family.

  1. I want to thank God for my son who sat for the just concluded 11 plus exams and passed well above the minimum score to get into a selective grammar school in Kent.
  2. This time last year I was shortlisted for a new role which covered 3 patches; Kent, Surrey and Sussex. The recruiting manager saw my CV, interviewed me on the phone, and offered me the role with a good package and flexibility on travel. In the last year, due to the struggling NHS finances, contractors have has to take a pay cut or their contracts ended and renegotiated but I was protected from it all.
  3. I suffered a stroke earlier this year and to God be the glory I was taken to the hospital on a stretcher but his mercy saw me walk out with my two legs and healed me. While I was in the hospital for a month my bosses wanted me to apply for my role on a permanent basis due to the fact that they had struggled to find a right candidate with the same skill set for the role. I applied and was offered the role with a starting salary at the top of the set salary with other benefits and flexibility.

Lastly, we started a project 2-3 years ago in Nigeria, 1st phase was partially completed last year but despites all challenges and setbacks, God again showed his mercy and blessed us with the speed to conclude this month. I always prayed to God that in my life and all I do that only him should take the glory and I am here standing today giving him all thanks and glory that he has granted me another year to see my 40th birthday in the land of the living. May his name be blessed in our lives, in the church and all our endeavours in Jesus name.  Amen.

Olakunle S.
2nd October 2016