This Fellowship is organised as a Ministry exclusively for the  aforementioned reasons which includes but not limited to:
(a) Enhancement of the spiritual evangelism and social development of members
(b) Business and Social networking
(c) Encouraging Christian men to maximise their potentials and take their place in the society
(d) Charitable objects, supporting of missionary works and other purposes that may be deemed necessary.


1. To lead men to refuge in Christ through Christ-centred relationships and backed by the Word of God.
2. To make RMF more relevant to the community needs.
3. To explore, identify, develop, sign post and equipped RMF members to opportunities that will help them maximise their God given talents and potentials both in RC and in pursuit of their professional goals so that they can excel in the business environment, work and home.
4. To initiate and set up various small groups within RMF where members will feel free and comfortable to engage with each other on any aspects of life in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. To also take into consideration the physical growth and mental health of men such as engaging them in recreational or sport activities.

5. To raise great men of integrity and value who will become ambassadors for Christ and eventually become great husbands, fathers, role models and leaders for the future generations.

For more information, please contact the co-ordinator of RMF on
07528 092 222