Royal Connections Community Projects

Royal Connections (RC) engagement with the public life of people and society is an integral part of its calling to live out the Christian faith in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Social responsibility is a core aspect of the vocation of Christians to respond to human needs by loving service; to seek to bring about awareness to members of the church and the society at large about unjust structures of the society and to strive to enhance the quality of life of people through proactive measures to ameliorate the challenges of poverty, injustice, hunger, marginalisation and various forms of social inequalities.

RC social responsibility reflects our commitment to impacting our society as the church responds to Christ-in-God by being a shepherd of the sheep, a seeker of the lost, the friend of publications and sinners, of the poor and the broken hearted.

The hub of RC Social responsibility is based on the scriptures as depicted in Proverbs 19:17:“He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.”



We are committed to making a difference in our community and transforming the society. RC commitment to social responsibility entails:

1.     Raising awareness within the Royal Connections and the larger community about social challenges, poverty and injustice.

2.     Actively engaging and prescribing solutions to social challenges within our immediate community and globally

3.     Working within defined framework to form partnership and alliance with statutory agencies on social challenges, poverty and various social inequalities.

4.     Sensitising the members of RC to be resourceful towards social action initiatives within our immediate community and the larger society.

5.     Giving the underprivileged, the down trodden and disadvantaged opportunities to have a sense of community and inclusion in our society.

Composition of RC Social Responsibility:

1.     RC social responsibility is made up of two broad divisions namely:

2.     RC Social Responsibility International (Judean Ministry)

3.     RC Social Responsibility (Jerusalem Ministry)

Jerusalem Ministry: RC Jerusalem ministry is the pivot of our social actions within the United Kingdom.  Our community initiatives are people centre, empowering the disadvantage and enhancing the potentials of members of the British community within the remit of our social actions.  The core values of our commitment are:

1.     Identifying and commitment to proffer solutions to various local social challenges to add value to members of the community in United Kingdom.

2.     Working in partnership with various statutory agencies in the United Kingdom to proffer solutions and commitment to such prescriptions based on RC social responsibility ethos.

3.     Networking, engaging and acting proactively as gatekeepers for our communities in the United Kingdom.

4.     Raising and training members of RC to be committed to various social actions of the Jerusalem ministry

5.     Amplifying Christ in our social initiatives through, friendship, affection and giving to impact and transform our communities in the United Kingdom.

6.     Creating consultative forum between faith communities and practitioners to identify and engage social challenges in our communities in the United Kingdom.

The Judean Ministry is the hub of RC social responsibility that reflects our commitment for social action globally.  The focus of the ministry is to identify charitable causes globally that RC can be committed to based on the following ideals:

  • Alleviating poverty, injustice, social challenges and fostering sense of community and inclusion globally
  • Consciously creating awareness amongst members of RC through their human and financial resources to enhance the Judean ministry globally.
  • Engaging various professionals within RC and partners to engage in service deliveries to identified communities and projects globally.
  • Initiating and fostering partnership with various non-governmental agencies globally to contribute to socio-economic well being of communities
  • Identifying and equipping members of RC for annual mission trips to various projects of RC globally